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Shirts - Bosham Classic Boat Revival
Shirts - Bosham Classic Boat Revival
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2019 polo and t-shirts are imminent, we will post images shortly.

If you’d like to order a polo, t-shirt or poster from 2019 or previous years, please email

Polo Shirts

Henbury polos,  £23.00 each

These will be embroidered with our logo on the right breast and, if required, your boat name on the right breast. Enter boat name text in upper and lowercase as you wish to see it.

The default colour for boat names text is GOLD but may be varied at suppliers discretion to suit background shirt colour.

For shirt colours &  size options for the Henbury polos, please see links below:

Mens H400          and   Ladies H401

When ordering on the form below, please include a 2nd choice colour, incase your 1st choice is not available.

See below a gallery of previous years shirts. Our 2019 versions will be a variation on these.


White only, 100% cotton, at £18.00 each, featuring the 2019 poster, on the back with our CBR logo on front left breast, printed on a white 100% cotton T-shirts, in a variety of sizes.



All dimensions are approximate and may vary.

Delivery time

Shirts: Orders received by Noon on Tuesday 3rd Sept should be available Sat 7th

Subsequent orders will be available after the event.

P&P: We can arrange to post these if required, P&P charge TBA

For some higher resolution images see our

google photo album here