Post Revival update. - Bosham Classic Boat Revival
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Post Revival update.

Well what an event…

The weather gods were kind, and with 89 entries (after a few last minute withdrawals) and over 160 sailors from 25 different clubs on the water, we enjoyed a glorious weekend celebrating Ian Proctor’s centenary and classic dinghies.

Concours d’Elegance

We ahd many stunning boats on display, including the beautifully restored & mainitained:

Proctor Concours d’Elegance winner: Mike & Pam Murray’s Osprey, 1166, ‘Supernova’ from Tata Steel SC in South Wales

and the non Proctor Concours d’Elegance winner, Nigel Daniel’s Axe One Design,1, ‘Whimbrel’, from Axe Yacht Club.

There were plenty of interesting sights on the water, not least of all Roger Proctor reliving his younger days, draped across OD11, the prototype Topper. So nice to see the generations, with Robert Proctor and his young family sailing four up, on Gull nr 1.

Seeing the 64ft HSL 102 alongside the Quay at the top of the tide on both Saturday and Sunday certainly added to the glamour.

Press articles

You can read David Henshall’s comprehensive report in Yachts & here which goes into more detail about the wonders on display.

We understand there will be more articles appearing in print in other sailing publications including All at Sea and Classic Boat Magazine in the coming weeks.

Pictures & Video

We have some professional drone video footage being edited prior to release, which will give yet more eye catching views of the event.

We are still collating 1000s of pictures which are gradually being added to our website here.

Incase you have any problems accessing via the website, you can also see the pics via the six links below.

Prize giving

Saturday 1 afloat

Sunday  2 afloat

Saturday & Sunday atmosphere


HSL 102

Please remember all these photos are copyrighted by the various photographers.
If you would like copies for commercial use, please get in touch.


The racing results are here

Competitors have been sent a feedback form and their responses will help guide how our event evolves. We already have some interesting ideas to consider, but more about that in the coming weeks….


and finally…

Thanks again to all who participated both on and off the water; especially the Proctor and Davies families and our sponsors below, whose generous support made it all viable.