Just 14 Days to go ....! - Bosham Classic Boat Revival
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Just 14 Days to go ….!

Just 14 days to go now….
Entries:Please go to our dedicated website here for the NOR, Entry form links etc.
If you’d like to see the entries so far, see here. As of writing we are at 20 boats but we get a rush in the next 7 days prior to the entry fee increasing by £10 as from Midnight on Sunday 1st September.
Great to see visitors signing up including:

  • Four Axe One Designs (messrs Daniels, Davis & Brown, RSYC & AXE YC)  
  • John Shelton’s Hornet from Shoreham SC 
  • Trevor Chanter with his National 18 from Bough Beech SC
  • Ian Simpson with his Enterprise from Tudor SC

Remember, if you are a traveller, we have some generous members offering free accomodation to help make the weekend work for you. Email us via accommodation@classicboatrevival.co.uk
Shirts etcDon’t forget to order our ever popular CBR polo or T-shirts….make our life easier by ordering well in advance….
Off the water:On Friday evening, for those rugby fans out there, we plan to show the Italy vs England final Rugby World Cup warm up game  at 19:45 on our big screen at the club.The Friday supper will be provided by a local street food seller, The Pass Cafe, who are proving very popular locally with their gourmet offerings, as I can affirm….!You can choose from:The Pass Classic Cheeseburger Hand Pressed Burger, Swiss Cheese, Salad, Gherkin, Ketchup and Mustard in a toasted Brioche Bun. The Ultimate Burger A Pass Classic with 14 hour spiced Pork Shoulder The Mexican A Pass Classic with Grilled Chorizo and Fresh Chilli, Sliced Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic and Chilli Sauce and Mayo Seared Yellowfin Tuna Loin In warm Ciabatta, Salsa Verde and Lime Mayo Marinated Halloumi Bun With Summer Salsa, Sriracha Mayo and Fresh Salad

Price £9 each.An advance booking link will be available next week, once we finalize the menu details for the Saturday evening, so you can book both at once….!
If you have any special dietary requirements let us know and we will endeavour to provide a suitable option.
Enjoy your bank holiday weekend, but remember to spend a few minutes online and enter….!
CheersAndrew YoungMob: 07785-234436