Heads up to helms and crews - Bosham Classic Boat Revival
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Heads up to helms and crews

Heads up….to all helms and crews !

You can now book online for supper at the club on both Friday and Saturday evenings.

Friday’s menu

We have some yummy street food supplied by THE PASS CAFE of Chichester.

menu options are here  They plan to be up and running from 18.00 till late.

Saturday’s menu.19.00’ish

Homemade Garden lasagne with spinach, pesto and fresh tomatoes, served with either Fresh herb and garlic marinaded pork fillet or Fresh herb and garlic marinaded field mushroom.  Price £ 12

Lemon curd pavlova with fresh raspberries £ 4 or Cheese and Biscuits £ 5

Tickets may still be available at time of registration, but I’d highly recommend you pre book to avoid disappointment, especially for Saturday, where we are currently limited to a max of 90 for supper.
The online booking form for these suppers is here.

Please let is know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements and we will endeavour to offer suitable alternatives.

For those that pre-book, a wristband will be available to collect at registration on Friday or Saturday. 

For more info about what’s on when, you can see the schedule here.

For those of you who have not yet ordered any Polo or T-shirts,quick you can order now for delivery after the event. ORDER HERE