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About The CBR - Bosham Classic Boat Revival
About The CBR - Bosham Classic Boat Revival
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Bosham Classic Boat Revival 

7th-8th September 2019



The Classic Boat Revival is now in its 9th year. 


Last year we were privileged to host the Ian proctor Centenary event, which attracted considerable interest with over 90 boats entering, spread across 34 classes from 22 clubs. We don’t expect to be quite as busy this year, but we are looking forward to yet another cracking weekend on and off the water.


Hopefully some who came for the first time last year, will be back to expand and enhance this feast of classics joining our many regular attendees. 


We are hoping to evolve the event and to this end are looking for themes & ideas for future years by working with class associations or other organisations. So if you are a class with a strong vintage or historic element, we would be very happy to discuss building an event around you, in addition to our wider fleets.


Our format for 2019 remains much the same as prior years.

On the water

On Saturday & Sunday we are planning a series of five races, starting from two committee boats, with entrants split into three or maybe four fleets.

Off the water

Prizes will be awarded for racing and there will also be the prestigious award for the Concours d’Elegance.


In the evenings

On Friday & Saturday there will be a bookable club supper, and live music for all to enjoy on Saturday.


The team behind the Bosham Classic Boat Revival hope to continue to play a role in revitalising the UK classic dinghy racing scene and look forward to meeting some old friends and making some new ones at this unique event

When an esteemed sailing journalist is quoted as saying ” There are plenty of events that are nice to do but very few that one really SHOULD do… and this is one of them! ” surely we should take notice!


We look forward to seeing you and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.