Media Galleries - Bosham Classic Boat Revival
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Follow the links below for images & video

Please remember all these photos are copyrighted by the various photographers.

If you would like copies please get in touch.

2017 Pictures

Day One ashore    by Greg Grant

Day One ashore & afloat    by Dawn Cheshire

Day Two afloat    by Andrew Young (sorry… Black and white only due operator error ! )

Day Two Prize giving by Dawn Tomlinson

2016 Pictures

The following are a quick upload of pics which will be edited down to remove the ones most affected by the weather on Saturday.

Day one on the water by Andrew Young

Day one on the water video compilation by Andrew Young

Day two on the water by Andrew Young

day two on the water video compilation by Andrew Young

Day 2, iphone video of some starts:

fast fleet general recall    fast fleet re-start    medium fleet start    slow fleet start

Day two Prize Giving by Fiona Macfarlane

There will be more pics and videos loaded once processed.

If anyone has any images we can use, please feel free to contact us via ay@classicboat

2015 Pictures

CBR  2015,  Fast & Medium Fleet day 1 pics  by Chris Hatton

CBR  2015,  Fast & Medium Fleet day 2 pics by Chris Hatton

CBR 2015,   Slow Fleet day 1 & 2 pics  by Chris Hatton

CBR 2015,   People and ashore  by Chris Hatton

CBR 2015,   Prize giving pics  by Chris Hatton

High resolution images of Chris Hatton’s pictures are available for personal use upon request. Commercial use: only with permission of copyright holder.


2014 Pictures

2014  Bosham Classic Boat Revival 2014 -Photos by Jonathan Hoare 

2014 Event pics  High res images available upon request.

Bosham Classic Boat Revival 2013 – Photos by Jonathan Hoare

Bosham Classic Boat Revival 2012 – Photos by Jonathan Hoare

Sail TV Report On Bosham Classic Boat Revival 2012 – Video

Bosham Classic Boat Revival 2011 – Photos by Jonathan Hoare

For Bosham Sailing club’s picasa albums, see below:


CBR Prize giving 23-9-2012   and CBR 22-9-2012 


CBR selection 2011    CBR prize giving 25-6-2011     CBR 26-6-2011    CBR 25-6-2011