About The CBR - Bosham Classic Boat Revival
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Bosham Classic Boat Revival now in it’s 7th year…!


This unique event was developed to offer a fun, competitive environment for classic racing dinghies that may not be in the first flush of youth, combined with some great parties – just like the good old days!


Obviously trying to recreate the heady days of dinghy racing in the 60s and 70s, with 100+ start lines and a lively Open Meeting circuit was a non-starter, but getting a good selection of classic racing dinghies out on the race course together, throw in some parties for good measure and the basic framework was there . . . welcome to the Bosham Classic Boat Revival.


Conceived as an event to get those much loved classic racing dinghies – 505, Merlin Rocket, Jollyboats, Enterprise, Int 14 et al back out racing again was an opportunity not to be missed.
Attracting competitors from around the country, for 5 races over two days and live music on Friday & Saturday nights, organisers hope the format will appeal to an icreasing number of visitors.


Whilst the racing on the water is hotly contested, the competition to win the coveted Concourse d’elegance is no less so. Seen as a just reward for countless hours of restoration topped by the finishing touches of a wonderful paint / varnish job, this trophy has seen some interesting winners over the past years, the 2013 winner, a gleaming Enterprise No. 472 and the International 14 in 2012 particularly stand out.


The Concours d’elegance ‘show’ bears testament to the superb craftsmanship of renowned builders such as Bob Hoare, Spud Rowsell, Anderson, Rigden and Perkins, Alec Stone and Malcolm Goodwin . . . to name but a few who built some of the best racing boats around.


The team behind the Bosham CBR hope to continue to play a role in revitalising the UK classic dinghy racing scene and look forward to meeting some old friend over the weekend of the event.

When an esteemed sailing journalist is quoted as saying ” There are plenty of events that are nice to do but very few that one really SHOULD do… and this is one of them!” Surely we should take notice!